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Download and Read E-Books on your Palm

One of the most thriling options that the Palm offers to me is the possibility of taking documents with you. That way, you can either read Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn (in a Plucker version), or you can skip through all the Slashdot news that you missed during the day.

Another useful thing might be to have "SQL for Web Nerds" by Philip Greenspun on you, or "PC POST beep error codes for various BIOSes".

E-Book Readers Where to download e-Books How to convert text files to Palm DOC format

Suppose you have downloaded a plain text file (.txt) to your PC. How do you get it "into" your Palm in order to be able to take it with you? The answer is rather simple: you will have to convert the file so that you are able to "install" it onto your Palm. Once the installation has taken place (via HotSync), your e-Book reader will show the newly installed text.
For Windows, MakeDocW and DocReader seem to be very good at this job. DocReader is even able to open Palm e-Books on your PC!
Once you converted the .txt files into .pdb or .prc archives, simply install them on the Palm via a HotSync and enjoy your texts!

Achim J. Latz, , 13.02.2021

Palm Palm: Hardware · Software · Development · E-Books · More Stuff Palm