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Software Development for your Palm

Development using the Palm SDK

The "traditional" way of developing applications in C, using either the free GCC development tools or the commercial CodeWarrior for PalmOS is still regarded the most efficient way of rolling out your killer-app to the Palm. The following list contains some valuable resources on that topic, including documentations and FAQs.

Documentation for Developers Desktop Accessories

Did you ever have the problem that your program would offer a functionality that would be useful to the user while he is already running one application? With the "traditional" PalmOS philosophy, this would mean that the user has to exit his current program, start your program, and then change back to his first application...using "Desktop Accessories", a concept developed by by Yamada Tatsushi, you can avoid making the user exit and restart his current application.

Read more about this fascinating concept in the explanation for developers, or the general introduction, provided on the DA home page.

Development in Java Other Platforms

Achim J. Latz, , 13.02.2021

Palm Palm: Hardware · Software · Development · E-Books · More Stuff Palm